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hi guys!! I'm Caitlin, I've known [personal profile] amber for some years now and that's how I got here. I can't make any promises as to how much I'll contribute to member uploads, but I do have a few bands up my sleeve that I'd like to share! but I'm always up for any opportunity to grab new music. I'm twenty, I'm in California, I study psychology and work in a boring office and perform improv comedy weekly, and that pretty much sums up me!!

my taste in music is not incredibly unique. I am most fond of bands with singers who don't really sound like they're the... most talented at singing. like, their voices are awesome to listen to but maybe technically they aren't so skilled? Andrew Jackson Jihad is a good example of this for me. I love anything with piano, and more often than not like acoustic/stripped down versions of songs the most. my favorite band since I was old enough to have a favorite band is They Might be Giants, take it or leave it, and has fostered a lifelong love of happy-sounding songs with not-so-happy lyrics.

ah, let's see, what else. I also enjoy non-vocal music in the vein of God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the Sky, Ratatat etc. I unabashedly love musicals. I've got a major hard on for bands with both female and male vocalists (The Hush Sound, The New Pornographers, Stars). fkjds let's be really honest: I pretty much like everything. and not in the way where people go "I like everything... EXCEPT RAP AND COUNTRY." I like rap and (some) country. I even like a couple Owl City songs here and there. I have the entire Pokemon soundtrack in my iTunes. ~*~2 b a master~*~

the only thing I'd say I don't like is any song where I can't fucking understand the singer. that will turn me off immediately. learn to enunciate, god damn it :')

ANYWAY THAT'S IT, wow I wrote you guys a book. I'm really stoked for this!! :Db

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