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fishy ([personal profile] transient) wrote in [community profile] showstoppers 2010-04-13 04:18 am (UTC)

HELLO! I am commonly known as Tree on the Internet. I am a slightly aimless 22-year-old residing in northern California. I don't know how often I'll contribute to member uploads, since I am always "????!!??" about my eclectic taste in music, but I enjoy downloading new things. I used to play alto saxophone in concert and jazz bands, but I never got the hang of solos. :( Wish I had.

I gravitate towards songs that I associate with certain visuals! That is a terribly vague thing to say. Pop songs/songs with a good 'dancing' beat although HA I am uncoordinated, those that I can sing along with, or those that come with nifty music videos. Broadway musicals -- oh, dude, I can share some of those if it's okay. Disney songs. Soundtrack music, generally of the epic variety ie Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean. Cirque du Soleil, Vienna Teng, classic rock (I.. don't know if that's the right genre, things like Livin' on a Prayer and Carry on Wayward Son), Postal Service, Irish/Celtic music...

UGH WOW this is getting long. I dislike spoken word songs and John Mayer, and no that isn't just because of his recent remarks. IS THIS GOOD? I got wordy.

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