misfit: (you who have never needed anyone.)
misfit ([personal profile] misfit) wrote in [community profile] showstoppers 2010-04-14 05:26 am (UTC)

'SUP. I'm [personal profile] misfit and I like uh. music and stuff. I am kind of flaky on the internet these days but I really like music so you will probably see me around a bit maybe. See I am all committed and everything!!

I tend to like music with really fabulous lyrics and/or harmonies, which means that 1) I don't love any particular style more than another, and 2) I tend to really, really strongly dislike rap. I get really attached to songs, to the point where I'm now 25 and still love all the songs that I loved when I was twelve. I like mainstream music as well as stuff that no one has ever heard of, and I love hearing new things. I also enjoy shoving (good) Australian music at other people and forcing them to listen to it until they like it, or else.

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