Apr. 12th, 2010

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who loves you baby

AMBER ([personal profile] amber) is!

Born in Sydney, Australia, she was given a cassette tape of OK Computer for her tenth birthday, the start of a life-long love affair with Thom "lazy-eyed" Yorke, Radiohead, and the '90s Brit-alt scene. While she loves almost all music with the passion of a thousand suns, her favourites tend to be artists with a unique sound within their genre. There is also a special place in her heart for a capella groups, modern classical, covers, show tunes, and any song she can use to win cash at pub karaoke.

One day she plans to be President of the Galaxy.

NEO ([personal profile] baconface) is young and cool and a resident of America's "deep south". She scraps a bit and yells sometimes but is generally the affable type. She is neurotic at the best of times, but this means all her posts will be cleanly formatted and easy to navigate. An extrovert who masquerades consciously and successfully as an introvert, Neo spends her spare time obsessing over the prospect of vaccinated time travel and criticizing Pitchfork's prosaic reviews while writing verbose ones of her own that she has to date never shared with anyone . . . until now. Actually, it's still pretty unlikely her opinions will make it too far past her Twitter feed. But that's why this site is called Dreamwidth. Because it lets you all dream. Widely.

She likes plinky and whimsical sounds, ska, kick drum abuse, and Jimi Hendrix. She disliked the movie Avatar primarily because of how it portrayed the United States Marine Corps. She is also ninety-nine percent real bacon. The remaining percent is Gentleman Jack.

RY ([personal profile] crescendo) has been a musician pretty much from birth, and rumour has it that she's been singing longer than she's been speaking. Twenty-three and currently residing in sunny Seattle, Washington, she's going to be famous some day, just you wait and see. May or may not intend to inflict original recordings and her own covers on you poor people from time to time. She, like Neo, has a whole lot of opinions that are probably better expressed in 140 characters or less.
Likes: Really good sandwiches, harmless trolling, tattoos, the word "delightful", mash-ups, 80s/90s pop, singing and dancing to Disney music, funky covers, melodic indie pop, shoegaze/post-rock that isn't grating, Nate Ruess, and fucking your mother.
Dislikes: Owl City, being judged for still wholeheartedly enjoying the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, and Amber's lies and slander!!

THIS POST MAY ALSO BE USED TO INTRODUCE YOURSELVES, particularly if you intend to contribute heavily to member-upload posts or pick up a lot of tunes. Tell us about you and your musical tastes! It can only help the quality of our uploads. It can only help our personal tastes. It can only broaden horizons.


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